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Wolf Pack Summer Camps – Summer 2024

Wide World Wolf Pack is a youth sports camp that provides a state-of-the-art facility for all ages and abilities. Our mission is to provide kids a safe and rich environment for active play which allows them to develop valuable skills, think critically, and create meaningful relationships.

Our North Smithfield location will run Monday June 17th – Friday August 30th.

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Updates for Early Drop Off/Late Pick Up

We will be charging a small fee for early drop off and late pick up.

If you choose early drop of that would be an additional $10 daily rate.

If you choose late drop off that would be an additional $10 daily rate.

Please note if you wish to combine both early drop off and late pick up that would be an additional $15 for the day giving you a $5 savings.

Remember with the purchase of Flex Pass you get free early drop off and free late pick up giving you incredible savings!

Wolves | Ages 5-12

Monday-Friday | 9am-4pm

The pace of this program is designed to keep kids engaged and truly love being at camp. Our facilities allow us to create several stations, both indoors and outdoors, where groups can rotate between physical and mental activities. Some stations will require high energy output while others will be a chance to relax and engage in thought.

Staff will mentor and support the kids. However, instruction will be a secondary benefit as the priority is to have fun in a safe environment without the pressures of needing to be great at every station. We know by rotating kids though several stations they will have stations they prefer and excel at and others that will challenge them. Our goal is to have campers learn from each other and work together. Everyone has a place in the wolf pack.

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Our primary focus is active play…

The simple act of play allows children to be socially, mentally, and physically active. Campers will rotate through different sports, new games, and activities on a daily basis. They will be guided, coached, but most importantly, they will get a chance to express themselves and feel like kids.

Just like wolves in a pack, kids learn from each other…

The ability to communicate and problem-solve with others is a skill that can be improved upon by the simple act of playing. Positive outlets and strong support systems are created by learning different sports and participating in activities together. Kids form a sense of identity when they overcome challenges and conquer obstacles.

We’re Flexible with Your Schedule

Pick and choose the days that work best with your schedule!

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Sample schedule for a day as a member of our Wolf Pack…

About Us

Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Smithfield, RI provides a state-of-the-art training facility for all ages and abilities. Our goal at Wide World of Indoor Sports is to provide athletes a place that they can grow to their full potential.

Sports we offer include: Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Wiffle®Ball and many more!