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Inclement Weather Policy:

Wide World of Indoor Sports will be open during inclement weather unless there is a state of emergency declared by the state (Rhode Island for North Smithfield and North Kingstown / Connecticut for Montville). During inclement weather, Wide World of Indoor Sports will be open and all games will run as scheduled. There will be no makeup games due to inclement weather. By all means, if you feel it is unsafe to travel even though we are open, please feel free to stay home. If your team chooses not to come to your game, please call us and let us know you will be forfeiting so we can give a courtesy call to the opposing team.

Revised 09/15/22


Players are permitted to be double rostered on a maximum of two teams NOT in the same division and only by written management approval if in the same age division.

Revised 09/15/22


WWIS has introduced a code of ethics to cover the recruiting of players:

1. Coaches / Club Administration are not allowed to contact any players / parents from any other club during the indoor season of play.

2. If a player / parent initiates contact with a coach during regular season play, the coach must ask the player / parent to inform their current club of their intent to communicate with another club and provide written approval to submit to potential new club. The expectation is that clubs will communicate clearly and honorably throughout this process.

If an club is alleged to be in violation of these ethics, they will be required to stand before WWIS Management. Any coach, manager or club official who is found to be guilty of breaching these code of ethics risks their entire club being suspended from participation in all activities for the current and subsequent season of play and all fees forfeited.

If you wish to report a recruiting complaint, please email us by location below:

North Smithfield:
North Kingstown:

Revised 09/15/22

Player Membership:

YOUTH: All Youth Players are required to have an active Player Membership. In order for this to be completed, players must present proof of their date of birth to the front office. Upon confirmation, the player’s photo will be taken. The player must have an active waiver and pay a $10 fee (renewable annually).

ADULT: All Adult Players are required to have an active Player Membership. In order for this to be completed, players must present proof of their date of birth to the front office. Upon confirmation, the player’s photo will be taken.

Revised 09/15/22

Participation Waiver:

A completed Participant Waiver is required of all persons playing at Wide World of Indoor Sports (for all programming including leagues, rentals, birthday parties, etc.). All waivers must be completed through the individual’s online account; this form must be completed by a parent/guardian if the player is under 18 years of age.

To complete the waiver, follow the link below by location:

North Smithfield: Register - DaySmart Recreation
North Kingstown: Register - DaySmart Recreation
Montville: Register - DaySmart Recreation

Revised 09/15/22


Wide World of Indoor Sports accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, cash or checks payable to “WWIS.” Wide World of Indoor Sports does not accept third-party checks. Post-dated and temporary checks will be taken at the discretion of the General Manager. Wide World of Indoor Sports reserves the right to decline post-dated and temporary checks. All rental fees are due at the date of the event. All league fees are due in full by the team’s 2nd game.

Revised 09/15/22

Returned Checks:

In the event a check is returned unpaid by the maker’s bank, it will be assessed a $25 returned check fee. The check will automatically be redeposited. In the event the check is returned unpaid a second time, another $25 fee will be assessed, and the customer the payment pertains to will be required to refrain from participation until the returned check and fees are settled in cash.

Revised 09/15/22


It is the responsibility of the player to come prepared with the appropriate equipment. For soccer, all players MUST wear shinguards. For Flag Football, Flags must be provided by the participant.

Indoor soccer shoes, cleats or turf shoes are permitted at all WWIS locations.

Revised 09/15/22

About Us

Wide World of Indoor Sports in North Kingstown, RI provides a state-of-the-art training facility for all ages and abilities. Our goal at Wide World of Indoor Sports is to provide athletes a place that they can grow to their full potential.

Sports we offer include: Soccer, Lacrosse, Flag Football, Baseball, Softball, Field Hockey, Wiffle®Ball and many more!