North Smithfield – Adult Leagues – Flag Football

Teams and Individuals Welcome!

Our Flag-Football leagues are a great opportunity for players of all skill levels to get in the game. With our non-boarded fields up to 200 feet in length and a ceiling height of up to 42 feet, players have plenty of space to play. All players MUST be 18 years of age and up!

Session/Games: 8 games, plus playoffs


Phone: 401-767-1234, Onlineor in person. $200 deposit is required to receive first game time. Minimum payment of $250 per game required until the team is paid in full.



  • November – March: $795
  • April – May: $645
  • June – August: $595
  • $30 cash referee fee per game, per team


  • September – March: $795
  • April – May: $645
  • June – August: $595
  • $25 cash referee fee per game, per team


Ask your league manager about our returning team discount! Teams qualify as returning when playing back-to-back sessions.


Chris Deloretto: 401-767-1234

Individual Looking for a Team? Please complete the Free Agent form by clicking here


All teams are required to wear matching jerseys/t-shirts with numbers. Pinnies are available in the office if needed. Flags are supplied by Wide World of Indoor Sports. Appropriate footwear includes sneakers, turf shoes or cleats with plastic or rubber spikes. No metal spikes permitted.


Each player is required to sign a Wide World of Indoor Sports official Adult League Roster or Waiver.  Players are only eligible to play for the teams that they have signed the roster for.  By signing the roster, players are agreeing to waive certain legal rights and are agreeing to the rules and regulations of the facility, release of liability, waiver of claims and assumption of risks.


For league policies, forms and rules, please click here.