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Player Waiver(PDF)


Inclement Weather Policy:

Wide World of Indoor Sports will be open during inclement weather unless there is a state of emergency declared by the governor of Connecticut. During inclement weather, Wide World of Indoor Sports will be open and all games will run as scheduled. There will be no makeup games due to inclement weather. By all means, if you feel it is unsafe to travel even though we are open, please feel free to stay home. If your team chooses not to come to your game, please call us and let us know you will be forfeiting so we can give a courtesy call to the opposing team.

Youth Leagues: Double-Rostering:

Players are permitted to be double rostered on a maximum of two teams NOT in the same division.

Revised 09/17/12


Please be aware that we take recruiting very seriously here at Wide World. This policy is in place to protect the players and their organizations from unwanted solicitations from other clubs and organizations.  With that being said, it will also help protect coaches, clubs, and organizations from false accusations.  Please read these policies carefully before you attempt to recruit a player or accuse anyone of recruiting here at Wide World of Indoor Sports.

Full WWIS Recruiting Policy & Complaint Form (PDF)

Player Passes:

In order to be eligible to be on a team roster, a player must hold a current player pass.  Player passes are renewed annually.  Players with a current membership will appear on the Game Sheet with their name, membership status and photograph.  In the event of a roster challenge, the office staff will verify all player status via the Game Sheet.  If a player does not have a current pass or is not on the roster after the roster freeze date, the game will result in a forfeit.  In addition, both the coach and player will receive a suspension of 1 game.  If a second instance of this situation occurs, the coach and player will both be suspended for one calendar year and the team will forfeit the remainder of their scheduled games, including playoffs.

During playoff games, the referee will line up the players in front of the team bench prior to the start of the game.  The referee will check each rostered player to those in attendance. Any player without a valid pass or not on the team roster is not eligible to compete and may not sit on the team bench.

Revised 10/31/2017

Participant Waiver:

A completed Participant Waiver is required of all persons playing at Wide World of Indoor Sports. Adult, youth players, and coaches may complete the form below; this form must be completed by a parent/guardian if the player is under 18 years of age.



Wide World of Indoor Sports does not accept third-party checks. Post-dated and temporary checks will be taken at the discretion of the General Manager. Wide World of Indoor Sports reserves the right to decline post-dated and temporary checks.

Revised 10/26/15

Returned Checks:

In the event a check is returned unpaid by the maker’s bank, it will be assessed a $25 returned check fee. The check will automatically be redeposited. In the event the check is returned unpaid a second time, another $25 fee will be assessed, and the customer the payment pertains to will be required to refrain from participation until the returned check and fees are settled in cash.

Revised 11/01/12

Coaches/Managers Entering Field of Play:

Coaches/Managers may only enter the field of play with the permission of the field referee. Any coach/manager entering the field of play without referee permission, or any coach expressing behavior deemed unacceptable by WWIS Management, will be subject to immediate dismissal and suspension.

Any two incidents within a 12 month calendar year will result in an automatic suspension.

Revised 01/24/13




AL Soccer Rules 2021-2022

YL Soccer Rules 2021-2022

Flag Football

   Player Waiver(PDF)

   Roster Form(PDF)

   5v5 League Rules (PDF)

   8v8 League Rules (PDF)


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 Field Hockey

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